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Nick's Page- Aliens, Predator, Celebrities
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Welcome to my home page!
As of lately, I have not been able to update this site due to a matter of a broken access mechanism. This has put a serious hinderance on my ability to stay in touch with my site. I have been reduced to constricted time allotments for access, so there may not be very much activity in terms of changes over the next little while.
LATEST UPDATE (FEB 2003): CELEB PAGE - Check it out!

Now, first up, is my Prime Links.
The Movie Page The Celeb Page The Book Page

Some of the cool movies I've seen this last year:
Resident Evil Apocalypse Release date: Sept. 10/04 IMDB link Official Site
Spiderman 2 Release date: June 30/04 IMDB link Official Site
AVP Release date: August 13/04 IMDB link Official site

However, I am still busy improving my site, so here are a few more interesting topics if my current stuff doesn't interest you.

The Quote Book The House of Humor The Here Zone
The Comedy Zone
Associate Pages: Twisted URL Baldur's Gate
Like my backgrounds? Check them out here.
GRSites Textures

Very important site to me:
3D Text